Terms and  Conditions


We know that the small print is really boring but do take time to read our booking conditions as follows:

A non-refundable deposit of £100 per booking is payable on booking with the balance payable eight weeks prior to the commencement of the letting period booked. The deposit is returnable if the booking is not accepted. A confirmation of your booking will be issued upon receipt and full directions will be sent upon receipt of the full payment.

If we should need to cancel the booking we will refund in full all monies paid to us by you. Responsibility and financial liability of Cwtch Cottage and Seren Cottage shall be limited to the return of monies received in the event of accommodation booked in good faith not being available owing to circumstances beyond our control.

Should you need to cancel with less than twelve weeks to the date of the booking then you will be bound by this agreement to pay us in full for that booking. Payment must be made whether or not you have at the time of cancellation paid in full for the booking. You would therefore be advised to take out holiday cancellation insurance to cover you for that eventuality. Accommodation will be available to you from 4.00pm pm the start date of the booking. If we are unable to meet you, alternative arrangements will be made prior to arrival. If on the day of arrival you find that you will be later than 4.00pm then you must advise us in order that other arrangements can be made.

Accommodation must be vacated by 10.00am on the finishing date, this allows cleaning and maintenance to take place. Cwtch Cottage and Seren Cottage will provide the accommodation to a high level of cleanliness with a complete inventory for you, this should be checked upon arrival and any failure notified to us within 24 hours of arrival. All accommodation must be left in the very clean and tidy condition as you found it. A cleaning charge of £50.00 will be made should rooms be left uncleaned or below this standard.

Any problems found with any appliance or fixture or fitting must be reported to the on-site managers who will ensure within a reasonable time that this is repaired or alternative arrangements made. Under no circumstances should any guest attempt repairs to the property or its contents. This will invalidate service contracts, warranties and agreements and charges for such repairs will then pass to the Hirer. The Hirer undertakes to keep the premises and all furniture, fixtures, fittings and effects in or on the premises in the same state of repair and condition as the same are in at the commencement of the letting and shall report and pay to the owners the value of any part of the premises, furniture, fittings and effects so destroyed or damaged as to be incapable of being restored to its former condition.

Only the number of guests stated at the time of booking will be allowed to stay in the property, unless otherwise agreed in writing by the owners. Cwtch Cottage and Seren Cottage reserves the rights to refuse entry to the entire party if this condition is not observed.

Cwtch Cottage and Seren Cottage and their agents reserve the right to decline entry and accommodation or to expel any occupier or visitor for conduct which in their sole view is detrimental to the Estate or the comfort of other visitors. Cwtch Cottage and Seren Cottage reserve the right to enter a property at any time but will endeavour to do so when convenient to the occupier.

Pets are only accepted by arrangement. Any agreement to allow pets onto the property is conditional that under no circumstances are they to be allowed into the bedrooms. Pets should not sit or lie on any of the sofas, chairs or other soft furnishings. Pets are accepted on the condition that they are not allowed to foul in the garden areas and otherwise in the vicinity of the property. The pet owner will clean up any mess caused. For the consideration of other guests pets must be kept under strict control at all times and not be left in the property unattended at any time. That they are not allowed in the communal areas at any time. Failure to comply will render the contract terminated and you may be asked to remove the pet from the premises.

Cwtch Cottage and Seren Cottage, their employees or agents are not to be held responsible for the loss of any valuables or property left on or around the premises at any time. All guests, their friends, families and visitors must ensure that they take all reasonable steps to ensure their own safety and that of others whilst on the property, the owners will not accept responsibility for any injury or loss caused whilst in or around the property.

The properties of Cwtch Cottage and Seren Cottage are used as holiday accommodation and therefore exempt from security of tenure under the Rent Act.

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